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Thursday, September 1, 2011


Now that the nest is empty again, there are a few things I want to do.  Not that I couldn't do these things when the kids were home this summer, but you know how it is - the list gets made and then remade, and then things drop off the list, and eventually it's as if I never wanted to do those things at all.  

When I work with organizing clients, they inevitably all have lists, or scraps of paper, or vague memories of things they want to get done, things that they are embarrassed to admit they haven't accomplished - which they shouldn't be.  The truth is, if it doesn't really matter to you, it won't happen.  For example, on my list is cleaning the grout in my kid's bathroom with this nifty little dispenser of grout cleaner I bought at the hardware store a (long) while back. It sort of looks like a Sharpie, so I thought it might be kind of fun to use.  But you know what, every time I even think about cleaning that grout, I get depressed, because I know its going to take a really long time, and then I get annoyed, because I'll never use that little bottle of cleaner that's sitting under my sink.  So really, the grout doesn't need to be cleaned that badly.

David Bromstad - Awesomeness
Another item on my list of things I want to do but probably never will is paint my office.  Part of me thinks this is something I actually could do, especially if I'm in a decorating haze after spending a lot of time watching HGTV, particularly David Bromstad and Candice Olson.  I am addicted to HGTV - it's sort of my middle-aged lady version of porn.  Peter calls it "SharonTV,"  but since my initials are SHG we should call it SHGTV!  Anyway, my office isn't very big, and with a ladder and some help from Peter, I bet we could do a pretty good job - he's a handy guy.  But then I look around at all the stuff we'd have to move, the holes we'd have to patch, the blinds we'd have to take down...and, well,  I guess it just isn't that badly in need of painting (though actually, it is).

Here's another good one.  I have a pretty substantial stockpile of emergency supplies, which seems to be something a lot of people put off getting done - though there's usually a flurry of runs to the hardware store and Costco after a natural disaster occurs (tip: keep a case of water per person on hand at all times).  What I haven't done that I keep meaning to do, something I've read about countless times over the years, is take photos of all of my valuables and upload them to my computer, which has a backup on the internet. ( By the way, this is something you should do if you haven't already - find an online backup service like Carbonite or SOS and sign up today.  You'll be glad one day!)  I've been meaning to do this for, I don't know, 20 years?  Probably not going to happen.

Today is half over already, so the chances of me getting anything on my list done are pretty slim.  But at least I got this blog written!

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